Our Services

Advisory services supporting management and shareholders in their long term objectives. RMC Capital will advise going concern and restructuring firms to reach their potential. Through (Board) advisory or more hands on management, we strive to give you impartial guidance that allows you to focus on optimizing business. 
Debt Advisory
Access to debt products can be a key lifeline to companies, often overlooked in importance until the boundaries of growth or liquidity have been reached. Combining expansion efforts with suitable financing ensures your financial strategy is fit for purpose. Our access to local & international partners combined with our expertise in various debt products allows us to advise and execute with confidence.
Equity Advisory
RMC Capital will work with you to ensure your company's value proposition is delivered in the most effective way to attract or expand your investor base. We assist in M&A and Capital Raising endeavours. 
Capital Structuring
The capital structure of a company including the various debt / equity solutions available can restrict or propel a company forward. At RMC Capital we strive to engage our partners in both spheres to ensure your company is able to adapt and benefit from the attributes both have to offer.
Venture Capital
Keen to support innovative start-ups, we provide promising companies with the right access to investors and create long term synergies. At times the best advice can also include the harsh realities of entrepreneurship. If we do not see a solution - we won't shy away from giving that message. On the flip-side, to demonstrate our commitment to the proposed way forward, we are willing to take ownership stakes in our partner companies for services rendered.